Global Supply Chain Ecosystems

In his book “Global Supply Chain Ecosystems” Mark provides invaluable advice on developing supply chain strategies for competitive advantage in a complex, connected world.

Twenty-first-century supply chains have evolved into worldwide inter-connected supply-and-demand networks with profound interdependencies. Global Supply Chain Ecosystems explores the latest market trends and industry developments across emerging, developing and developed markets, and has been praised by industry experts around the world.

Mark presents detailed and practical insights that will help you capitalise on market opportunities, overcome supply chain challenges and make better informed business decisions. 

Featuring real-life case-studies taken directly from Mark’s extensive experience, this ground-breaking new publication explores several critical aspects of a global supply chain ecosystem – including visibility, risk, resilience, sustainability and collaboration.

Supply Chain Management has become an essential topic across all spheres of business management – and a strategic agenda item in every boardroom. Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides the practical knowledge and educated insights you need to succeed in today’s complex, connected world – Informed is Empowered!

"Asia expert Mark Millar draws from his hands-on logistics experience as he explains the fundamentals of globally-connected “supply chain ecosystems.” He details visibility-enhancing technology, risk-mitigating measures and innovative concepts, and he describes the global trade potential of sub-Saharan Africa. Millar cites up-to-date research to support his astute observations on trending topics in the transportation industry. getAbstract recommends his guide to investors, transport professionals, logistics experts and leaders in supply chain management."

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Global supply chain ecosystems
Chapter 2 – Supply chain visibility
Chapter 3 – Sustainability and green supply chains
Chapter 4 – Risk and supply chain resilience
Chapter 5 – Free trade for all – navigating the FTA landscape
Chapter 6 – The Asian Era – the workers become the shoppers
Chapter 7 – The New Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia
Chapter 8 – Integrated logistics – empowers the ecosystem
Chapter 9 – Human Capital – the talent pool
Chapter 10 – Omni-channel supply chains
Chapter 11 – Africa – is it the next Asia?
Chapter 12 – Supply chain innovation

Explore beyond the book

Mark’s unique Knowledge Sharing Forum “Exploring future directions for global supply chains” (PDF, 2.9 MB) is ideal for corporate functions such as regional management meetings, sales team conferences and client hospitality events.

Exploring the key dynamics and mega forces shaping the supply chains of tomorrow, each forum features a keynote presentation encapsulating key themes from the book – tailored to your priority topics – through which Mark explores the complexities, challenges and opportunities facing companies in the rapidly evolving supply chain environment – supplemented with signed copies of his book.

Additional options include book covers customised with your branding, an interactive roundtable dialogue and a book signing session. For more information, contact Mark here.

Complimentary download of Chapter One

To enjoy a complimentary download of the first chapter of Mark's book, Global Supply Chain Ecosystems (PDF, 3.6MB), please click the image below.



Mark Millar is recognised in Asia as a thought leader in Supply Chain Management. I strongly recommend Global Supply Chain Ecosystems to both seasoned professionals and college students seeking to embrace this industry.
Paul W. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International

Mark Millar, one of the best known Supply Chain experts in Asia and beyond, has set a further standard in his book 'Global Supply Chain Ecosystems', which is a must read for anyone interested in strengthening their competitive Supply Chain position."
Rolf Neise, Visiting Professor at ISM International School of Management, Hamburg

A generous and erudite exploration of the contemporary Global Supply Chain scene. A genuinely informative and entertaining read by one of the real characters of the supply chain community.
Kimble Winter, Global CEO, Logistics Executive Group

A must-read book for freight forwarders and supply chain practitioners – this book delivers an outstanding holistic view of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, including future directions such as the New Silk Road and how Africa could emerge as the next Asia.
Henrik Christensen, Chairman of African Logistics Club and President of KTZ Express Hong Kong

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