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Join the biggest players and brightest minds in the industry on 25-26 May at the 10th Annual Hi-Tech Summit as we uncover a comprehensive road map to create a 3-D value chain in your hi-tech supply chain.

  • Demand Orientated: Learn how to calibrate your business to the external pace of the market and customer rather than the internal cadence of product development.
  • Data Driven: Manage data captured for analysis as it’s produced; making management more accurate, agile and productive.
  • Digital Execution: Discover how a more instrumented and connected enterprise yields a higher ROI, meets customers satisfaction and streamlines operations

Mark Millar, Author of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems and Visiting Lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will be presenting on  "Empowering Supply Chain Ecosystems - A Future Outlook on the Hi-Tech Supply Chain" including:

  • Examine the evolution of global supply chains
  • Implications for High Tech Electronics Sector
  • Explore supply chain strategies for competitive advantage in a complex, connected world

Special Pre-Event Offer – Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit
Mark's presentation will draw upon some of the key themes explored in his book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, which earned praise from industry experts around the world and has already been purchased in more than 35 countries across five continents.

As a registered delegate for Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit, you can enjoy a pre-event special offer of 25% discount, on your copy of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems.

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