Business on the Move, the instructive board game that educates young people about international trade and global supply chains, is developing its first Global Edition, in response to growing international demand for the game.

Business on the Move is an educational board game that teaches young people of all ages about the importance and complexity of global supply chains. Players compete to move goods to customers on the other side of the world by land, sea, rail and air, as quickly, profitably and responsibly as possible.  

The UK edition of the game has already seen nearly 2,000 copies distributed to schools and colleges, where students have enjoyed learning about how business moves through multimodal supply chains.

Since the UK launch of Business on the Move in 2014, the game has attracted attention from learning institutions around the globe, seeking innovative ways of educating young people about the role played by logistics, transport and supply chains in today’s complex and connected world. To meet this international demand, the game’s creators, Andy Page and Pat Smedley, are working on developing a Global Edition of the popular game.

The global edition of Business on the Move will feature companies from around the world that are involved in transporting, delivering and distributing products from origin factories to consumers in destination markets. To be launched during 2017, projections are that during the next five years, the global edition will be used by more than 200,000 players around the world.

For companies interested in participating in this excellent educational initiative, a range of Sponsorship packages is available – please contact Mark Millar for further details.