Mark was invited to contribute two Supply Chain articles for the 2016 eBook ‘Motivating your Mind and Inspiring your Spirit’. 

Compiled by Strategic Resources International (SRI), the eBook shares a comprehensive collection of informative and inspiring viewpoints from collaborators around the world.

Mark’s articles for the eBook explore two key topics – ‘Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century’ and ‘How Supply Chain drives Competitive Advantage’ – both of which are discussed in detail in his widely-acclaimed book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems.

In the first article, ‘Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century’, Mark explains how multinational corporations facing revenue and profitability challenges caused by low growth rates in USA and Europe, are increasingly turning to the Asia region seeking market expansion and business growth. However, as they shift their focus to unlocking potential expansion in Asia, they must also deal with a number of challenges – especially when it comes to logistics networks and supply chain ecosystems.

Mark advises that companies exploring new business prospects in Asia need to adopt supply chain strategies that address three fundamental challenges – the evolving regulatory environment, under-developed infrastructure networks and a shortage of experienced talent. Adopting such strategies will empower them to capitalise on the vast opportunities presented by ‘The Asian Century’.

In his second article, ‘How Supply Chain drives Competitive Advantage’, Mark explains how supply chains – the arteries of today’s globalised economy – have evolved and expanded to reflect the increased complexity of world trade.

As a result, says Mark, twenty-first century supply chains have become world-wide, inter-connected supply-and-demand networks that enable companies and countries to trade more effectively. To succeed in this complex, connected world, companies need to adopt a continuous improvement approach – working to continually strengthen the weakest link in their supply chain, in order to gain operational efficiencies and drive competitive advantage.

Speaking about his contribution to SRI’s 2016 eBook, Mark said: “Supply chain ecosystems have become a critical element for success in today’s complex and increasingly interconnected global economy. By contributing these articles to the 2016 eBook, I am pleased to share some supply chain insights that may help industry leaders and business managers seeking to motivate their teams and inspire their organisations to improved business performance.

“Many companies seeking market expansion today are pursuing new opportunities in the quest to generate profitable growth and maximise competitive advantage – for example, turning to Asia for the first time. But the complexity of today’s global supply chain ecosystems means that implementing the appropriate strategies and tactics is now more crucial than ever, if they are to succeed.”

The SRI’s 2016 eBook includes contributions from authors, industry experts, CEOs, CFOs, company directors and business owners from as far afield as Australia, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. 

The eBook provides a range of viewpoints for readers around the world, aimed at helping them develop their businesses and enhance their professional and personal lives. 

Mark’s articles can be found starting on page 78 of the eBook.

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