One of Mark's latest articles, exploring supply chain strategies for the Asian Century, has been featured in the July/August issue of LogiSYM Magazine.


The article, Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century, explores how multinational corporations, challenged for revenue and profitability in the developed markets of Europe and the United States, are increasingly looking to Asia for market expansion, revenue growth, and increased profits.

As they shift business to Asia, however, and venture into new territories, they can face significant supply chain complexities, says Mark.

Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century looks into these issues in more detail. Mark identifies the complexities involved in unlocking opportunities in Asia and highlights the need for dedicated supply chain strategies for multi-modal distribution into Asia's hinterland regions.

The article also investigates the impact of China's economic shifts for multinational companies, who are increasingly distributing goods within and throughout the domestic China market to reach the increasingly prosperous consumers in third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities. In addition, Mark discusses alternative low-cost production locations for businesses exploring their 'China-plus-one' sourcing strategies.

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Mark was recently engaged as Conference Co-Chair for this year's 18th European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona in June, where he delivered the presentation Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century.

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