Mark’s depth of industry knowledge provides unique and valuable perspective for our clients
Jon Windham CFA, Director, Research, Barclays Capital, Hong Kong

In any industry, authoritative and independent advice can be hard to find.

But when you're dealing with the complex dynamics and massive diversity across the Asia region, those informed insights are more critical than ever.

Asia is highly diverse and formidably complex.  Embracing China, ASEAN and more, the region’s dynamic economies span the full spectrum of developed, developing and emerging markets – all at different stages of maturity and sophistication.

The nuances can be difficult to read and expensive to ignore.

With over 20 years’ experience in Asia, Mark Millar delivers practical knowledge and educated insights that help companies:

  • Navigate the complex landscapes in Asia
  • Empower their supply chain ecosystems 
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Make better-informed business decisions.

From executive insights into market trends and industry developments, to independent advice on supply chain strategies for the Asian Century, Mark's experience, knowledge and networks are invaluable for companies expanding in Asia.  

Gain access to Mark's wide-ranging expertise, educated insights and strategic guidance through executive briefings, telephone consultations, or on an ongoing basis – retained as a strategic advisor or non-executive director.

Selection of clients



"The smartest person I know in China"
Kate Vitasek, Faculty, College of Business Administration, University of Tennessee, USA 

"Mark’s knowledge of issues impacting supply chain and logistics service providers is second to none."  
Christian Raeuber, Chief Executive, Combined Logistics Network, Manila 

Mark Millar is acknowledged as a leading authority in the area of logistics and shipping.
Brigadier Christopher Hammerbeck CB CBE, Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

"Mark’s insights are invaluable for executives doing business in Asia."
Bradley A Feuling, CEO, Kong and Allan Consulting, Shanghai 

"His extensive experience in the third party logistics sector, global perspectives, knowledge of the mainland China market and expertise in business development have all proven to be extremely valuable."
Wayne Hunt, President & CEO, Toll Global Logistics, Singapore

"An intelligent, passionate, energetic leader who has helped educate an industry"
Murray Dunn, Director, Global eFulfillment, Modus Media International, USA    

Mark Millar is one of the shining lights of the global supply chain industry. His endless knowledge, developed by many years of hands on professional management and extensive knowledge sharing over the last decade as one of the industry’s great presenters, is matched only by his highly engaging personality, contagious wit and optimism.
Kimble Winter, Global CEO, Logistics Executive Group, Dubai

Mark is highly respected and well connected in the logistics and supply chain management sectors in Asia Pacific. PD Ports will continue to tap into his logistics expertise, his China experience, and the industry profile and presence that he has so successfully built.
David J Robinson MBE, CEO, PD Ports, UK

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