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Live scribe of Mark's keynote presentation, 'Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century', to the Smart 2015 Conference in Melbourne. Click on image to enlarge.

Live scribe of Mark's keynote presentation, 'Supply Chain Strategies for the Asian Century', to the Smart 2015 Conference in Melbourne. Click on image to enlarge.

Mark Millar is your gateway to the supply chain insights that help you navigate the challenges of doing business in Asia.

"Mark's insights are invaluable for executives doing business in Asia."
Bradley A Feuling, CEO, Kong and Allan Consulting, Shanghai

Asia: do you have the supply chain insights you need to succeed?

Prolific opportunities

The Asian Century is indisputably here-and-now. Every company that is serious about business growth needs to be in Asia – sourcing or selling, or both. 

Significant challenges

Inevitably, unlocking Asia’s vast opportunities presents its own challenges – especially when it comes to logistics networks and supply chain ecosystems.

Asia is highly diverse and formidably complex. The region’s dynamic economies span the full spectrum of developed, developing and emerging markets – all at different stages of maturity and sophistication.

The nuances can be difficult to read – and expensive to ignore.

How can you gain the insights you need to unlock Asia’s rich potential?

Industry expert Mark Millar delivers thought-provoking executive briefings that share key learnings gained from 20 years’ on-the-ground experience in the Asia region.

Mark’s independent and informed insights empower companies to capitalise on the latest market trends, industry developments and supply chain thinking – and can be delivered as a series of corporate briefings, educational seminars or white papers, or in downloadable digital formats on a subscription basis.

Companies can also benefit from Mark's expertise through telephone consultations, keynote presentations, management workshops and guest lectures.

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Mark is a supply chain guru in Asia. His vast experience in the market, great depth of industry knowledge and massive network make him one of the leading movers-and-shakers in the region.
Kate Vitasek, Managing Partner, Supply Chain Visions, Bellevue, WA

With your in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in the Asia logistics and supply chain industry, this brought us a lot of insights during the interactive discussion with our customers.
Karen Chan, Senior Marketing Executive, TNT, Hong Kong

Mark’s extensive experience in the Asia region, together with his broad logistics expertise and in-depth insights into the 3PL sector proved to be invaluable.
Kirsty Jephcott, Sourcing Director, Speedo

Mark Millar is a brilliant resource and a wonderful person. I have found Mark to be extremely knowledgeable on Supply Chain & Logistics with a special focus on China. I strongly recommend him to any organization to make use of Mark's knowledge and skills acquired over the years.
APR Rao, CEO, Casby Supply Chain, Mumbai

Mark's interview on the peculiarities of the Supply Chain in Asia

At the recent EFT High-Tech and Supply Chain Conference in Amsterdam, Mark was interviewed by Kim Sauer of The Scoop TV about the dynamics of the changing supply chain landscape in Asia. 

Watch the full interview with Mark below (16.43 mins)

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