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Mark Millar’s book on Global Supply Chain Ecosystems is a great insight into global supply chains and the challenges faced by international companies in today’s fast-changing and evolving global markets.
The book provides excellent advice on how to build effective and resilient supply chains that can put companies one step ahead of the competition.
With a number of excellent case studies taken from the author’s own experiences this book provides the reader with practical examples on how to implement supply chain strategies which will provide companies with a competitive edge. A book well worth reading and from an author with years of experience in supply chain management.

Gwynne Richards FCILT, Lecturer at WMG, International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick and Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Director, Apprise Consulting Ltd

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"Mark Millar has performed a valuable service for all of us engaged in the analysis of today's joined up, complex and rapidly changing world of supply chains.  Mark has produced an insightful and comprehensive account of what drives and shapes that world, and how to navigate it.  This book remains as relevant today as the day it was written."

Dr Patrick Low, Asia Global Fellows Program Director at the Asia Global Institute, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Hong Kong, former Chief Economist at the World Trade Organization

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“Having seen Mark speaking in person you can hear his voice while reading “Global Supply Chain Ecosystems”. His knowledge and passion for the supply chain industry combined with his personality come shining through. A must read for the Logistics professional.”

Ron Jordan, Vice President Sales, UPS Global Freight Forwarding, Atlanta, GA

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“A very well written and interesting book on global supply chain focusing on the different impacts across different sectors. After recently completing a degree at HKU in supply chain management I wish I had this book before, as this would have a fantastic readable aid to my studies over the technical jargon from the text books. I found the individual case studies particularly interesting”

Christopher Ferguson, Distribution Manager, Asia Pacific, Burberry


‘Millar deals expertly with the critical issues shaping the global logistics industry. From subjects as diverse as the ‘New Silk Road’ to the challenges faced by supply chain companies in recruiting industry talent, his experience informs his writing, providing the reader with insightful analysis. A hugely relevant book to both students and managers in today’s dynamic industry.’

Professor John Manners-Bell, Chief Executive of Ti, Honorary Visiting Professor at the London Metropolitan University’s Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law; Adviser to the World Economic Forum

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"Global Supply Chain Ecosystems’ is a timely series responding to the high demand for state-of-the-art trend and industrial development on how supply chain strategies are developed to meet the demands of globalized competitive markets. With a focus on local and global challenges, business opportunities and the needs of society, the book provides practical guideline and good practices one needs to know in order to tackle modern complex supply chain activities.”

Dr. Tommy K.L. Choy, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Chairman, E-Commerce Logistics Committee, Hong Kong Logistics Association

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"Mark Millar is renowned as THE go-to-guy for informed insights on the latest trends and developments in supply chain – and their relevance and meaning for companies operating around the globe. In his book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, Mark covers all the key aspects of supply chain that impact companies on a day to day basis. ‘What every business person needs to know about supply chain’ – is presented in Mark’s book, in an easy to read style, including real live case studies for every topic. Informative, enjoyable and very relevant for every business man or woman, irrespective of their functional role. Highly Recommended!”

Rob Salisbury B.Com., CSP, Conference Speaker, Sales Trainer and Event MC



"Mark’s book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems contains useful, practical information and makes you look at the supply chain and its dynamics in a different way."

Mark Borton, Head of Trade & Working Capital, Asia, National Australia Bank


“Mark Millar has a unique ability to distill dynamic and complex trends within the global and regional logistics space for a wide audience of investors and industry professionals alike - his pertinent real-world examples are highlighted throughout this book.”

Michael T. Beer, Vice President Asia Pacific,  Citi Research - Transportation/Infra/Logistics


“Mark Millar’s book ‘Global Supply Chain Ecosystems’ is a must-read for logistics industry practitioners and students. This comprehensive and up-to-date review of modern supply chain trends is a unique reference tool for anyone interested to understand the latest developments and issues impacting international supply chains. Highly recommended.”

Tim Smith, Chairman, China and Chief Representative, North Asia, Maersk Group


"Logistics expert Mark Millar explains what’s trending in today’s globally-connected “supply chain ecosystems”. getAbstract recommends his guide to investors, transport professionals, logistics experts and leaders in supply chain management."

GetAbstract, summaries of the world's best business books


“An easy and systematic way of opening our mind to the perfect world of supply chain management. A must-read book for the commercial managers as well as the supply chain operators.”

Stephen K.C. Chan, President, Hong Kong Logistics Association

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“Mark Millar's book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides a contemporary insight into the complexities that supply chain practitioners are facing in a rapidly changing world; this book is top of our recommended reading list.”

Peter Ward, Chief Executive, United Kingdom Warehousing Association


“Mark Millar is one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable professionals across the international logistics and supply chain arena – he really knows his stuff. In his book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, Mark shares his vast insights and learned perspectives – accumulated through decades of practical industry experience – nicely formulated into a no-nonsense, easy to read exploration of all the important aspects of 21st century Supply Chain Management, supported with practical examples and case studies. A must-read for every business manager involved in international trade. Having worked together on industry events for almost a decade, I also find Mark to be a gifted conference moderator and engaging keynote speaker.”

Rory Doyle, Managing Director, Transport Events, Kuala Lumpur

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“For those wanting an informed, sharp summary of many of the key global supply chain issues and opportunities, Mark provides this in a very readable way. He covers both geographies and critical topics in a punchy style, which is highly useful for the busy supply chain professional operating in today’s demanding world.”

Keith Newton, Secretary General, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport


“... Global Supply Chain Ecosystems is a great introduction to, and affirmation of, some really key subjects in the rapidly changing world of supply chain. Mark has written the chapters to allow the busy reader to tackle each topic incrementally and makes the book into a reference source: this was my long haul flight read for a few weeks! Well written. Great data. Good information source. Very enjoyable!...”

Mick Jones, Director, greym4tter supply chain solutions


“The book gives a great, easy to understand overview of the key links of the Supply Chain ecosystems, both old and new, while showing us a glimpse of what’s to come. Can’t wait for the sequel!”

Natalia Lara, Business Development Manager, Weiss-Rohlig International Forwarding (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd 

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“Mark Millar provides a well-researched and fascinating insight into leveraging your supply chain for competitive advantage in today’s complex world. This is a very worthwhile read for all operations executives.”

Max Henry, Founder & Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Council

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“This is an excellent book for all practitioners, in which supply chain and logistics topics are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Sunny Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Shippers Council & President CILT Hong Kong

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“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides informed insights and independent perspectives on the key supply chain challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the 21st century.  In addition to highlighting key supply chain shifts such as the trend beyond globalisation towards regionalisation, several critical elements of a supply chain ecosystem are examined - including visibility, resilience, sustainability and collaboration. Each key topic is addressed in a self-contained chapter, featuring a practical case study. Contemporary and very readable.”

Dominic Jephcott, CEO of Vendigital and Chair of the Strategic Supply Chain Forum at the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


“An easy and informative read for the practitioner or anyone else who wants to understand the nuts and bolts of globalization’s backbone—supply chain. Covering supply chain trends and shifts that are affecting businesses, opening up new opportunities and creating new challenges. The use of case studies throughout the book are insightful. A must read for any logistics professional.”   

Steve Suh, Co-founder of Floship, a Global eCommerce Fulfillment Provider

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“What I like most about Mark Millar’s book is that it is both concise and comprehensive. Global Supply Chain Ecosystems is essential reading for anyone looking for wide-ranging knowledge of how global logistics and supply chains have evolved. While compact and easy to read, the book presents a thorough overview covering the key aspects of the topic.”

Reynir Gislason, Executive President and Owner, IFS Group, Lima, Peru and Blue MBA Ambassador for Latin America

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“Mark Millar, a supply chain legend in our time breaks down why the world is smaller and how technology, integration and the free-market drives globalization. Which so happens to drive global supply chains.”

John Parkes, Executive Director, Global Business Development & Head of Hong Kong, LF Logistics

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“A remarkable book exploring the latest global supply chain development. It offers inspiring views and vision on present challenges and future trends for practitioners, including New Silk Road, Omni-channel, emerging Africa logistics development and green supply chain. A dedicated masterpiece in supply chain management!”

Dr. Eugene Y.C. Wong, Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain and Information Management, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong

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“Mark Millar’s book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides a very good foundation for every business professional involved in international trade.”

Eric Wong, Chairman, Hong Kong Sea Transport & Logistics Association

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“This book fills a valuable gap by providing a clear analysis and all-round overview for students of contemporary supply chain thinking. Highly recommended.”

David Sharpe, Lecturer, Warwick University, UK

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“The book is innovative, instructive and entertaining, and I regard this as essential reading for all supply chain leaders of today - and indeed tomorrow.”

Professor Alan Waller OBE, Vice-President Supply Chain Innovation at EFESO Consulting, and Visiting Professor in International Supply Chain Management at Cranfield School of Management, UK

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“Mark Millar’s book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems is a goldmine of information for anyone interested in, or connected with, global trade and its associated logistics and supply chain activities.”

Steve Cross, Managing Director, atms, Dubai

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“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems… is commendable for retaining a strong focus on strategic issues throughout the text and for illustrating the points being made using a wealth of examples from Mark’s experience.”

Professor Edward Sweeney, Professor of Logistics, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

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“This is a well-written book which explains very important topics on today's Global Supply Chain Management in a simple and structured manner.”

Dr. Vahid Mirzabeiki, Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Management, Cranfield University, UK

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“This book is a must read for any executive looking to empower their businesses for tomorrow’s customer. A highly informative and entertaining read.”

Darryl Judd, Chief Operating Officer Global Operations, Logistics Executive, Singapore


“Mark, I must congratulate you for this very impressive book on Supply Chain.  It contains many aspects of the issues we face in our industry and the book is truly about the ecosystems of global supply chains.”

Kelvin KY Leung, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding

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“A fascinating and wide-ranging survey of policy and practical aspects of supply chains in the 21st century, by an acknowledged expert. Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides valuable insights for practitioners and students alike.”

Errol Muir, Publications Editor, Australian APEC Study Centre, Australia

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“It is written with clarity and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of international business, covering the total global supply chain and more.”

Ernie Mason, Publishing Executive (Retired)

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“This book comprises twelve chapters that address the most pressing topics and latest industry developments facing every manager involved in international trade.”

Brainwaves, Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, San Jose, CA, USA

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“A must-read book for freight forwarders and supply chain practitioners - this book delivers an outstanding holistic view of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, including future directions such as the New Silk Road and how Africa could emerge as the next Asia.”

Henrik Christensen, Chairman of African Logistics Club and President of KTZ Express Hong Kong Ltd

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“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems provides new insights on the multi-dimensional touch points across the supply chain. I strongly recommend this book to both seasoned professionals and college students seeking to embrace this industry.”

Paul W. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International, Singapore


“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems is an extremely informative and well researched book which draws together an excellent array of key issues and case studies to demonstrate the interconnectivity of the world around us from a supply chain perceptive. The best book on Supply Chain I’ve read, I highly recommend it.”         

Kimble Winter, Global CEO, Logistics Executive Group, Dubai

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“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems… provides valuable insights for business leaders who are managing and developing their global Supply Chains - and is a must-read for anyone interested in strengthening their competitive Supply Chain position.”

Rolf Neise, Visiting Professor, ISM International School of Management, Hamburg

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“Mark Millar is a very well recognised advocate of Supply Chain Management principles, practices, and challenges in our region. He has a network of high-profile and competent connections, second to none. He has now brought all of that to bear in his recently published book, Global Supply Chain Ecosystems.”

Barry Elliott, Bangkok Post

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“This book just keeps on giving and giving; you just need to sit down, focus and then seek to implement its advice. For not even the cost of one hour of a consultant’s time, you are getting a goldmine.”

Darren Ingram, Editor,, USA

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“Global Supply Chain Ecosystems breaks new ground in terms of our understanding of modern supply chains. It provides both theoretical and practical advice … and belongs on the shelves of all serious supply chain practitioners.”

Turloch Mooney, IHS

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“Supply chains and the services associated with them have changed beyond recognition in recent years and this is a vital reference work on where they stand today, as well as providing a vision of the future.”

Tim Huxley, Chief Executive Officer, Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings, Hong Kong

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“… the book presents a well-rounded view of the problems, solutions and opportunities that lie ahead in the fast-changing, global supply chains and deserves to be on every logistician's bookshelf.”

Bill Redmond, Proprietor at Logistics Editorial Services, UK

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“… features real-world case studies, explores recent trends, and examines the critical elements necessary to maintain an effective supply chain ecosystem” 

Inbound Logistics’ Summer Reading Guide 

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“The expression “global supply chain management” might sound dull, but an ever-changing combination of complexity and volatility makes the responsibilities involved exciting and challenging, insists Mark Millar in his comprehensive study of what has become a strategic item on the agenda in the boardrooms of all major businesses.”

Irene Rosberg, Programme Director, The Executive MBA in Shipping & Logistics (Blue MBA), Copenhagen Business School

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“I would think of reading this book like getting the opportunity to pick the brain of someone well beyond your pay grade over lunch. Millar is open about his ideas, most of which push us to set our goals higher than many of us think is possible. You just have to be prepared to overcome some of your fears to accomplish them.”

Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, Managing Editor


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