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Your excellent presentation has completely encapsulated attention from a near full house […] from a diverse range of industries and major corporations.
— Paul Hu, Director, Kerry Logistics

An infectious energy fills the room. All eyes focus on the stage. An intoxicating cocktail of fascinating insights and engaging interaction with a sprinkling of humour. Mark’s presentation concludes with extended applause. 

From keynote presentations at major events to focused executive-level briefings, Mark Millar delivers a polished performance that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish. 

Informative and energetic, Mark inspires audiences to think differently about tomorrow’s biggest supply chain challenges. Attendees leave the event empowered with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to implement innovative solutions.

Mark has inspired thousands of professionals with his memorable presentations

450+ events      5 continents      28 countries

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How Mark Millar delivers a memorable impact

Why is Mark the top choice for keynote presentations on global supply chains? 

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He combines real world supply chain experience with a memorable stage presence. The perfect combination of education and entertainment, delivered with impeccable execution.

Memorable – A memorable performance with a lasting impression. 

“Mark’s high-energy, information-packed, keynote sessions generated a massive buzz...Mark Millar is a must-see!” Lisa Ploude, Conference Director, Internet Retailing Expo & eDelivery Expo

Informative – The most important topics impacting the future of global supply chains, backed up by diligent research and analysis.

“Mark’s depth of industry knowledge provides unique and valuable perspectives.” Jon Windham, Research Director, Barclays Capital

Inspirational – Creative insights that inspire audiences to think differently about critical challenges.   

“Mark, your insights were both intriguing and entertaining. The presentation was engaging - and the interaction during the questions was not only thought provoking, but eye opening for all.” Jeff Hogarth, Senior Vice President, Americold Asia Pacific

Energetic – An infectious energy that keeps audiences engaged from start to finish. 

“Energetic, enthusiastic and engaging presentation that made the audience think and challenge their perception.” Jan Godsell, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, WMG, University of Warwick


Enlighten audiences about future directions for global supply chains

Mark Millar shares real world insights backed up by a distinguished track record of serving the world’s leading brands

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  • Over 30 years’ global business experience across 4 continents

  • Worked for leading service providers, including DHL and UPS

  • Published in 80+ Publications in six languages across 17 Countries

  • Author of the widely acclaimed book Global Supply Chain Ecosystems

What will the supply chain of the future look like? Explore the mega forces shaping tomorrow’s world with Mark Millar. 
Mark Millar has a rare ability to communicate complex information in an entertaining manner. Drawing upon his core areas of expertise, he will develop and deliver a bespoke presentation with your specific objectives in mind. Each presentation is different, tailored for your event, your theme and your audience.

Core Areas of Expertise

+ Beyond Globalisation

How are emerging markets developing, whilst developed markets have become fractured? Explore the ongoing globalisation shifts, including the proliferation of free trade agreements and tendencies towards populism and protectionism.

+ E-Commerce Frenzy

How should we approach e-commerce logistics in today’s omni-channel world? Discover how traditional retail distribution is being disintermediated by the eclectic cocktail of e-commerce, digital consumers and online shopping.

+ Digital Disruption

How will digital disruption impact the supply chain? Technological innovations are dramatically altering multiple aspects of the business. Discover the real threats and opportunities of digitalisation.

+ The Asian Century

How best to navigate doing business in Asia? The nuances can be difficult to read – and expensive to ignore. Explore how to seize opportunities and overcome challenges across Asia’s emerging and developing markets.

+ Supply Chain 101

What do finance, marketing, HR and IT professionals need to know about the supply chain? Unlock the essentials of supply chain and gain practical insights about the impact across crucial aspects of your business.

+ Leadership Learnings

What can be learned from a thirty-year global business career in 20 countries across Asia, Europe and North America? Leverage leadership experience and management expertise at the intersection of B2B Sales and Marketing, the Asia Pacific Region and Supply Chain & Logistics.


How Mark will help you deliver an exceptional event

“It’s a true pleasure and joy to work with Mark – all logistics and practical side of the event was sorted out very fast because of Mark’s quick responses and great collaboration. A highly recommended speaker!”
Katrina Allikas, ICC Academy

Mark knows how to deliver an engaging presentation that delights audiences and event organisers alike.  

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Independent – As a professional speaker, Mark focuses on crafting presentations that inform and inspire. He delivers independent perspectives that audiences can trust - informed insights without vested interests. 

Tailored – Mark will take the time to learn about your objectives, your audience and your priorities, and will develop a tailored presentation to generate maximum impact at your event. 

Collaborative – Event organisers appreciate that Mark is responsive and easy to work with, providing clarity every step of the way. 


“Mark is one of the best speakers I have worked with. He was always helpful, enthusiastic and a delight to work with.”
Kavita Gill, Conference Producer, Marcus Evans


Satisfaction guaranteed: Informative, Energetic and Memorable

Mark will deliver a memorable presentation packed with knowledgeable insights and a polished performance that your audience will remember. Working together with you, he will develop and deliver a presentation that is tailored for your event and adds value for your delegates. 

Join hundreds of satisfied event organisers who have engaged - and re-engaged - Mark as their keynote speaker.

Enquire today to ensure Mark is available to speak at your event. 


"We constantly search for that exceptional individual who not only is an outstanding presenter, but creates that special bond between audience and speaker. That we found in Mark” 
Nguyen Da Quyen, Founder & Director, Vietnam Supply Chain

“Delegates ranked Mark Millar as the best Speaker of the whole event”
 Sebrina Teoh, Conference Producer, Marcus Evans

“You totally killed it as a presenter, MC and chairman – can’t wait to organise our next gig and have you on board”
Monica Ruiz, Associate Director, JLL Industrial and Logistics

Contact Mark today to book a memorable presentation that will transform your event.

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