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Clients have engaged Mark Millar at more than 450 corporate events, customer functions and industry conferences across 26 countries; here is a selection of Testimonials from event organisers, clients and delegates about Mark as Moderator, MC and Conference Chairman . . .

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“Mark, may I take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate you for the tremendous role you played at last week’s conference, which as you may have heard was our biggest to date - with over 920 delegates! The feedback received so far has been hugely positive, due in no small part to your efforts. The role of conference chairman is a crucial one to ensuring the success of any event, and your energy, professionalism and ability to keep to time played an enormous part in this, no mean feat and something which was hugely appreciated.”

Jeff Ando, Associate Director, Head of Conference Production, GTR
September 2016 in Singapore

Supply Chain Expo

“Mark was an engaging and provocative chair, whose knowledge of the supply chain industry was exceptional. Mark was thoroughly well prepared for every session, and received glowing feedback from the high-level delegate audience.”

James Hall, Product Manager, Industry Dynamics
July 2016 in Barcelona


“Engaging and Energetic - to describe Mark in two words. In both his roles at our SCM Logistics World conference – Conference Chairman and Speaker - he was able to engage the audience and bring a good discussion to the conference.  Mark has great knowledge of the supply chain industry and if anyone doesn’t know Mark before the conference, they sure will know him by the end!“

Isabel Ho, Conference Producer, Terrapinn
June 2015 in Singapore


“The YPSN found Mark to be an enthusiastic and engaging Moderator whose ability to understand issues under discussion quickly and to create a rapport with the various speakers and panelists ensures he gets the best out of them. The YPSN would highly recommend engaging Mark for future events or seminars.”

Tabitha Logan, Founder, Young Professionals Shipping Network, Hong Kong
November 2014 in Hong Kong


"Thank you for your excellent job chairing our specialist China panel at Multimodal. Your in-depth knowledge of the subject and approachable style made the session one of the most engaging and interesting of the day and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates who attended. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Julian Pryke, Director, Meantime Communications, UK
April 2014 in Birmingham, UK


“Mark has a natural ability to put the audience and participants at ease using humour and energy.  His ability to sum up the key discussion points into simple concise statements keeps the audience engaged and involved.  The energy Mark brings to the stage holds the attention of all attendees.”

Liz Hodson, Director, Operations & Sourcing, APAC, Williams Lea & Tag Worldwide
February 2014 in Singapore


“Mark, Thank You for another brilliant and engaging presentation. I wonder why I like you and your presentation. Maybe my research and the group of research students under me get so much from your prese

“Mark did an excellent job as the lead panel moderator at recently held ProcreconAsia in Singapore.  He not only successfully led the tight agenda but also asked pertinent and insightful questions, evoking meaningful discussions”.

Neeraj Bhargava, Procurement Director, ASEAN + India, Johnson & Johnson
February 2014 in Singapore

Port of Sohar

“In December 2013, I attended a conference (Port Development and Expansion) in Jakarta for two days. Mark was the conference’s chairman of the first day and also a keynote speaker. Mark facilitation and contribution extremely contributed to the success of the conference. He has all competencies that a conference speaker or moderator needs. He is able to keep the audience attention high while he is speaking. He can summarize and link the speakers’ topics effectively. He asks the speakers key questions to make things more clear to the audience and gain as much as possible from the experience of the speaker. Also, Mark was very close to the audience during the breaks and tries to seek for their expectation from the conference to try to meet them during the conference.”

Abdullah Al Fazari, Planning & Utilities Development Manager, Port of Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
December 2013 in Jakarta


“As Conference Chairman you are quick on your feet to encourage the audience to dig deep into certain trend of thoughts - this makes the conference a lot livelier and interesting, not forgetting the benefits that audiences take away from such deep and open discussions.”

Joginder Singh, Indirect Tax Manager, Tesco Asia, Hong Kong
October 2013 in Hong Kong


“I was really impressed by Mark’s performance as the conference chairman and panel discussion moderator. He not only organized the conference discussion in a logic, smooth and comfortable way, but also has the technical expertise to guide the panel discussion even when we were discussing the technical trade compliance topics - and with necessary humor. I really enjoyed the interaction with him and that was one of best conference that I would like to recommend. Thanks Mark!”

Bryce Wu, Asia Pacific Trade Compliance Manager, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions
October 2013 in Hong Kong

Modern Terminals

“After my 42 years in the logistics industry and having attended 100+ conferences, I can say that Mark Millar is truly a “force of presentation nature”. Whether he is a presenter, panel moderator or the conference chairman, Mark’s output is a constant 110+++ per cent. His energy is that of a marathon runner from start to finish of the conference program! His depth of industry knowledge is diverse, detailed and beyond question. Whenever I see Mark’s name attached to a conference program, I will always try to attend - he is simply the best in the business!”

Robert A. Beilin, Corporate Finance, Modern terminals, Hong Kong
October 2013 in Singapore


“Mark, you did a fantastic job as conference chairman. I really liked the energetic way you moderated the sessions, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the topics as well as demonstrating your very professional moderating skills. In particular, your concluding synopsis was excellent – providing the audience with valuable reminders of the main points from all fourteen speakers. This proved to be most valuable in recapping the key topics discussed - and served to reinforce the learning gained from the speaker sessions. Your in-depth knowledge, polished communication skills and enthusiastic style made a huge and valuable difference to the conference.”

Veve Lo, Marketing Manager, Palm Oil Industrial Cluster, Sabah, Malaysia
July 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City

Inbound Logistics

“Dear Mr. Millar, I was completely impressed with your ability to improvise and the initiative you exhibited as our conference moderator for the recent SCM event in Atlanta.  Given the importance of the event, and the high level of executives in attendance, I was especially concerned when a key panelist for the session I was set to host had to bow out due to emergency circumstances.  As we were casting about wondering what to do in the 5 minutes we had before show time, you appeared, suggested the solution of moving me from host to panelist, and volunteered to act as host in my stead. In addition to saving a panel session that likely would have been ruined, your industry knowledge prepared you to moderate a topic you heard for the first time as we made our presentations!  The questions you posed were spot on, the wit, humor and the audience encouragement you exhibited made for a great learning experience for all. 

Keith G. Biondo, Publisher, Inbound Logistics Magazine, New YorkMay 2013 in Atlanta, USA


“I had the opportunity to work with Mark in February 2013 when he was the conference chair for the inaugural Clark Aviation Conference.  Mark is an extremely well versed master of ceremonies who was able to keep a very tight schedule filled with speakers and panelists on time and on topic.  Much more than a typical event host, Mark’s background knowledge of the logistics industry provides him with additional insight which he uses on stage to engage with both the audience and speakers.   He was able to keep an even flow of dialogue during the question and answer sessions of each panel discussion which brought the best from the speakers.  I would highly recommend Mark and plan to utilize his talents for future events”

Dennis L. Wright, President & Chief Executive Officer, PEREGRINE Development International Inc, GLOBAL GATEWAY LOGISTICS CITY, Clark Free Port Zone, Pampanga, Philippines
February 2013 in Clark, Philippines


“Loud. Brash. Insightful. Informed. Mark Millar puts all other Moderators in the shade with his fulsome, knowledgeable style that brings out the best of both the speakers and more importantly, the audience”

Keith Wallis, Senior Reporter, Business Editorial, South China Morning Post
November 2012 in Hong Kong


"At the recent GLCS Conference in Kuala Lumpur, we saw a remarkable chair person with high charisma and versatile Supply Chain knowledge. It was a wonderful moment for every speaker of this conference to meet Mark Millar who shared his depth of talent with outstanding command and high dedication in Supply Chain Management"

Mohan Selvaraju, Training Consultant, RP Management Services, Malaysia
June 2012 in Kuala Lumpur

Eye for Transport

“Mark was a moderator and a presenter at EFT’s recent 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Forum in Chicago. His passion for supply chain is what makes him a fantastic conference moderator and presenter. That passion, combined with infinite knowledge on supply chain & logistics in Asian markets creates an atmosphere of interactivity and excitement in the room. From a moderator perspective, his questions are challenging and get right to the heart of the issues that affect global executives. From a presenter point of view, he avoids the “slide…click…slide…click” routine that so many presenters fall foul of, to foster an engaging environment that provides tangible value to conference delegates.

Of course, my opinion would count for nothing if our delegates didn’t leave our conferences feeling that the time taken out of the office was well spent. I know from the feedback that EFT have received on Mark’s involvement that he has contributed hugely to our customer satisfaction and that he has greatly enriched their understanding on key emerging markets issues. I hope to continue to work with Mark long into the future.”

Sarah Reynolds, Director, Strategy & Vertical Markets, eyefortransport, UK
June 2012 in Chicago


“Thanks again for your participation which we greatly appreciated. As moderator of the HSBC Shipping Day Ports panel discussion, Mark demonstrated a good understanding of the industry, put the key challenges facing the container ports into context and enabled the panel to fully engage with the audience."

Mark C R Webb, Regional Head of Conglomerate & Transport Research, Asia-Pacific The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
April 2012 in Hong Kong

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

“On behalf of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, I wish to place on record my sincere thanks for the invaluable contribution you made at the above event on March 08, 2012 as a moderator which was a great success. I highly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us at the event and would like to add my words of gratitude for sharing your insights and expertise with the event participants. Your willingness to share your expertise was critical indeed to the success of this event. I look forward to maintaining a close rapport with you in the future and I take this opportunity to wish you success in all your future endeavors. Many thanks, again for your time and effort.”

Dr. Priyath B Wickrama, Chairman, Sri Lanka Ports Authority      
March 2012 in Colombo, Sir Lanka

Singapore Management University

“Mark's vitality as conference chairman was a key part of the success of the recent Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit in Singapore last month.  Supply Chain Management spans departments, companies, countries, and continents, requiring experts from a variety of fields with very different skills.  Mark's ability to keep the entire group focused and to capture the key points of the discussions facilitates and energizes this type of broad exchange”

Dr. Holly OTT, Adjunct Professor | Operations Management, Lee Kong Chain School of Business | Singapore Management University
September 2011 in Singapore


“Mark, Congratulations for successfully conducting the conference at Hong Kong on Reverse Logistics and Returns Management Asia 2011. I deeply admire your skills in conducting the meeting so well. You brought lots of energy and vibrance during your Chairmanship of the conference”

Sudipto Ghosh, Chief Customer Support Officer, Acer India, Bangalore
May 2011 in Hong Kong

Gateway Media Group

“Mark Millar has an assertive expression while presenting or moderating holding the attention of audience. As a leader in the supply chain industry, he could present global perspective of dynamically changing supply chain environment to the audience. As moderator of two sessions at the India SCM & Logistics Summit, a premier event organised by Gateway Media in New Delhi, India, April 28-29, 2011, he handled discussions among expert panellists with extreme ease and confidence adding value to the deliberations to the audience delight.”

Mr Ram Prasad, Executive Director, Gateway Media, Hyderabad, India
April 2011 in New Delhi

St John

“ Mark is one of the those quintessential industry stalwarts who brings a whiff of fresh air to the conventional logistics biz. ; his new age views give a multi dimension that touch chord with his audience, nonetheless to mention Mark is the magician on the dais who can charm you with his trade insights and oodles of infectious energy“

Ashish Bhasin, China Country Head, St John Freight Systems of India
October 2010 in Shenzhen

AS Cargo Movers

“Thanks for your kind email and it was a great pleasure to meet you too. It was a really a memorable experience to be with you. It was indeed a great experience to be there while you are handling the job of a moderator, and to hear your powerful speech and your knowledge on Supply Chain is really commendable. This was clearly visible when other moderators while handling the same role. This proves that it requires a great amount of experience to be a moderator and good speaker on Supply Chain.  Apart from this, handling the entire session and getting the people in right connect and to move things on a positive note, is a great job. You have done this boss. It is really great. All the very best to you sir. Hope to meet you soon and hear your speeches more and more. Kindly be in touch with you are in India next.”

Srikaanth P, CEO, A S Cargo Movers, Chennai, India
October 2010 in Singapore


“Mark Millar was a great “late minute addition” Moderator for our recent panel session at the Supply Chain Asia Forum in Singapore. Even though he was only given an hours (at most) notice, he jumped into the situation wholeheartedly. This is testament to his long-standing understanding of the logistics industry and his skills as communicator. Good fun and we hope to give Mark a little more warning next year!”

Michael de Jong-Douglas, Chief Operating Officer, Mapletree Logistics Trust
August 2010 in Singapore

Maritime Institute of Malaysia

“Mark has proven time and again to be an engaging chairperson who not only orchestrates the flow of sessions well but also has a remarkable ability to summarize presentations yet add value to them and set up the speakers for the Q&A sessions.  Like a good referee in a football game, you don’t notice that he’s there, yet you know his mastery of the situation is key to making the game fun to watch and crucial to facilitating its smooth running.  With Mark at the helm of any session, it is sure to be an engaging one, even during the ‘graveyard shifts’ like after lunch or on the last session of the last day of seminars!  As a fellow ‘serial speaker and chairperson’ who have been involved in countless seminars and conferences around the world, I cannot give Mark – pardon the pun – a higher mark by saying that he could walk straight into in my Dream Team of speakers and chairpersons if I were an events’ organizer”.

Nazery Khalid, Senior Research Fellow, Maritime Institute of Malaysia
April 2010 in Kuala Lumpur


“You are a great moderator, you were able to engage everybody in the panel, including the Japanese guest, as if I was watching a talk show on TV. Expertly maintaining the momentum of discussion and keeping the interest of everybody – which is one of the hardest tasks of the moderator. You were also able to get the active participation of the audience”

Abet Bacsa, Consultant, Global Procure-it, Goodyear Philippines
April 2010 in Manila

Focus Brands

“I just want to drop you a short note to thank you for helping make the Asian Food Safety Conference a success. Moderating the panel discussion on Quality Control with as diverse an audience that we had took skill and diplomacy. It was a joy to watch a master at work! I took copious notes as I watched you thread the topics and questions into meaningful points and wrap them up in a position that we all understood and supported. Kudu’s to you Mark!”

Tim Starsiak, Director International Logistics, Focus Brands, Atlanta USA
December 2009 in Hong Kong


“Mark Millar is an outstanding Chairperson - he chaired one of our CEO's Panel discussion with great energy and enthusiasm. Mark’s skill in inter-connecting the panelists makes for a lively and interesting discussion, which he makes flow effortlessly - whilst exploring the topic in enough depth to ensure an informative and educational experience for the audience. Feedback from the delegates was highly positive and he was rated as the top 2 chairperson between all the moderators across the 2 day conference. Mark has been joining us for the past 2 years and we will be certainly inviting him next year too.”

Harish Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, Kamikaze B2B Media & Project Managing Director, Express Logistics and Supply Chain Conclave
October 2009 in Mumbai


"Mark is a highly skilled professional moderator and conference chairperson. His ability to be able to pinpoint the key messages given by each quite diverse presenter is obvious. He then is skilled to ask that 1st key question to the presenter and audience that brings the subject matter back to relevance to all. This is an obvious talent".

Peter Gordon, Vice President Commercial Payment Solutions, Mastercard Asia Pacific, Shanghai


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